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Hello everybody!

By creating this site, we try to get closer to the people who are visiting/ having holidays in Greece, wherever they are from, specially to the tourists which have chosen thassos island, potos region, where our tavern is located.

"Taverna Irene", was opened in the year 2000 by Kostas Melissopoulos which is the owner until now.You will find him always working side by side with his employees, asking if you need something else, answering your needs the best he can. Due to his experience and his extraordinary team, you will be welcomed in a warm and familiar atmosphere, where you will have the chance to serve the best food for all the tastes(vegetarians included), drink the house wines or the traditional drinks "ouzo" or "tipouro", homemade or from different regions of Greece.

Located on the seaside, we invite you to taste the seafood(shrimps, calamari, mussels, octopus), fresh fish(kostas is also a fisherman), or the incredible seafood&fish plates for two persons , named MIX FISH.

For those who are "voting" for the meat, we serve lamb, pork, beef, chicken dishes, as well as the famous plate for two persons, named MIX GRILL.

Also, we offer you a choice of aperitifs, Greek traditional cheese grilled, fried or saganaki (cheese in the oven), all kinds of season salads, marinated, smoked small fishes, or you can take a little bit of everything making the well known "meze".

The last but not the least, we remind here Eleni Melissopoulos, Kosta's mother, which will cook for you great traditional food, every day. Here are some examples - kleftiko, a lamb dish cooked in a bowl in the oven, mousaka, stifado - a beef dish, in tomato sauce with onion, soutsoukakia smirneika - meatballs in tomato sauce in the oven, lamb and goat in the oven, papoutsaki - stuffed aubergine, and a lot more you can find daily on our today's special.

You can also have a look on our "menu" section where we have posted some pictures with our food. The color predominant in our tavern is green, which makes us think about life, health, nature, energy and not by mistake, is also the colour of the eyes of the owner, Kostas Melissopoulos. There for, the green tent opened above the tables of the tavern, the green seats, the lovely flowers which are surrounding the tavern will help you recognize right away Taverna Irene. We are waiting for you to join us in a great atmosphere, full of joy, smiling people, extraordinary food.

Kalos irthate!


Bine ati venit!


Hos geldiniz!

Bien venuz!